Keep a Box of Thank You Notes On Your Desk

“Keep a box of thank you notes on your desk.  Not in your desk drawer but on your desk where they are visible, so you’ll actually use them.”

Eric Langshur, (a guy who defines the word mensch) and one of our mentors at GiveForward, gave us this little piece of advice once.  I can’t tell you how valuable it’s been. While so many of us feel inundated by the massive quantity of email we receive these days, hardly any of us actually get real mail anymore.  When we receive a hand-written note in an envelope with a real stamp on it licked by a real human, it’s a bit of a thrill.  It makes us smile and makes us remember the person who sent it.

Here’s a challenge: try sending five thank you notes next week and see what happens.  Post your results to the comment section of this blog.  The first person to comment with their results will get a Chipotle gift card for a delicious Mexican delicacy of your choice (and of course, a hand-written thank you note from yours truly).


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10 thoughts on “Keep a Box of Thank You Notes On Your Desk

  1. jason says:

    I accept Thank You cards in the form of slabs of prime rib.

  2. vanessa says:

    FYI the best time to send them is after you meet the significant others parents, especially if they pick up the tab. Mom’s love that stuff.

  3. Janet says:

    I got a thank you note a few days ago. It made me eager to start working with a prospective new client.

  4. […] maybe not mountains of gold, but if you follow up with this person via email or a written thank you note, at the minimum you will be on their radar and have an entry point for keeping the conversation […]

  5. Scott D says:

    I sent one out and got an appreciative note back AND a lunch invitation :)

  6. Bipasha says:

    wow good stuff…keep it up :)

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