Best Mattresses of 2020: The Definitive Buying Guide

By Ehtan S. Auston - Last Updated September 4, 2020

Do you wake up feeling like you’ve been toiling all night?

Your body is tired and you feel pain in joints you didn’t know existed?

It’s time to rethink your mattress, especially if it’s sagging or you’ve slept on it for more than five years.

There are several mattress types and we’ll be looking at some great options that you can consider.

1. Ashley 12-inch Chime ExpressMemory Foam Mattress

This mattress offers a supportive and firm surface that contours to your body and relieves pressure keeping you comfortable all night long.

Further, it minimizes motion transfer so you won’t have to keep tabs on the number of times your partner has tossed and turned.

This Chime foam mattress is extremely easy to set up and is compatible with all kinds of frames, think traditional beds, platform, box spring, and even the floor.

The mattress is made using hypoallergic materials that make maintenance a breeze but more importantly keep pollen, mold, dust mites, and pet dander away.

It’s perfect for anyone with allergies.

2. Linenspa 6-inch InnerspringInnerspring or Coil Mattress

Innerspring mattresses have been around for close to a century but don’t write them off just yet.

This coil mattress from Linespa is fitted with tempered steel coils for stability and support along with a felt pad for smooth and even insulation.

A one-inch-thick quilted foam covers the mattress for greater comfort.

Here you have a stylish and bouncy mattress that’s great for your kids and nothing like the tired things we slept on.

No matter which mattress you have. You need to take care of your mattress.

This mattress fits boxsprings, metal grids, and slated (or platform) beds.

On purchase, the manufacturer recommends giving the mattress around seventy-hours for complete decompression.

3. Zinus 10-inch HybridHybrid Mattresses

Sleeping on your stomach puts a lot of pressure on your spine which can result in a lot of back pain if you’re using a poorly supported mattress.

This hybrid mattress blends the best of memory foam and coil mattresses to give you one that is firm, comfortable, pressure-relieving and properly insulated.

The mattress is layered with 7.5-inch individually wrapped steel coils for stability, extra firmness, and motion isolation.

Comforting foam layers and microfiber quilted top cover these springs to give you a beautiful surface that you can sleep comfortably and peacefully.

The mattress is also ideal for plus-sized individuals.

4. PlushBeds Latex Sofa BedLatex Mattresses

Whether you’re in a studio apartment or need a sofa bed mattress that you can sink into as you watch TV, this latex mattress is a fantastic option.

You get a 4.5-inch plant-derived foam consisting of closely-knit dense cell structures that ensure the surface contours to your body without sagging.

With medium firmness, the mattress helps reduce pressure points on your shoulders, back, hips, and knees keeping your night restful.

It’s light weight, easy to take around. This mattress is also popular as RV Mattress.

The mattress doesn’t contain any toxins, fillers, dyes, or chemicals so it won’t discolor or emit harmful gases.

Further, its materials are anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and resist mildew and dust mites.

5. Classic Brands Adjustable Base with Gel Adjustable Base Mattress

Is your snoring keeping your partner awake? You need a mattress good for couples.

Perhaps you suffer from sleep apnea, back pain, heartburn, or acid reflux?

Here’s a gel memory foam mattress with an adjustable base that might help.

The 10-inch medium firm memory foam mattress conforms to your body and supports your back.

Gel particles have been infused into the mattress to  regulate temperature thus keeping you cool and comfortable.

The mattress is hypoallergenic and resists mold, bacteria, and other allergens.

The base is fitted with adjustable legs for different height options.

It’s whisper-quiet and offers multiple head and foot elevations.

You can read, use your laptop or watch tv in bed more comfortably.


As we wrap up our review on the best mattresses available today, we trust you have identified one that you purchase for a better night’s sleep.

My favorite is the Classic Brand Adjustable base with foam mattress for its practicality.

I can work, enjoy some entertainment and sleep knowing my body has the support it needs.

Happy Shopping.

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