The 6 Best Tech Blogs to Read in 2020

By Ehtan S. Auston - Last Updated July 22, 2020

Imagine a situation where you’re continuously scouring the internet to find the latest technological trends? Liaising with manufacturers, reviewing their latest products to find out how they work and, and more importantly what these products can do for readers?

Have you ever wondered who takes on this arduous task of staying and keeping us up to date, because it’s no mean feat? The selection process was very difficult for our team as there are many tech blogs that fit the bill. However, we had to come up with a list, and here are some of the best tech blogs of 2020.

1. The Verge

Founded in 2011 by Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, and Marty Moe, The Verge is a respected authority when it comes to no-nonsense reporting on contemporary gadgets, global trends, tech giants,and other leading businesses of today. It always seems like the blog receives the latest gadgets and sample them long before they are released nthe market In return, the blog provides comprehensive product reviews, including the good and the bad, in the form of text content and videos. It’s one of those blogs that keep you updated on tech trends and provide insights for holiday gifts for your loved ones.

2. TechCrunch

2005 saw the birth of the technology-based blog TechCrunch by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. It publishes multiple blog posts daily covering tech giants, global developments, gizmos, gadgets, and apps etc. At the time of writing this, we had gone through eight blog posts and the day wasn’t over. You can download the TechCrunch app on your mobile device to receive the latest news. The blog hosts global events such as the Disrupt Series, where thousands of entrepreneurs around the world gather online for several days to learn from startup experts and those already making in-roads in disruptive technology for business. 

3. Android Authority

Most tech blogs cover all kinds of tech products while others specialize in particular niches. The Android Authority is one such blog that focuses its attention on the popular operating system—-Android. Founded in 2007 by Derek Scott and Darcy LaCouvee, it’s one of the oldest Android-centric blogs releasing approximately nine posts daily and has published over 61,000 blogs to date. Its youthful staff members include bloggers, reviewers, journalists, videographers, and Android developers who provide content on Howtos, expert tips, product reviews that bear well-considered perspectives, news, Android apps, Android tablets. They also participate and provide live coverage at launches and trade shows around the world.

4. CNET News

CNET tracks the latest technological breakthroughs with amazing precision, shares what’s new and how the tech can chage your day to day life. The blog was founded by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie in 1994 and shares news and Howtos on all things tech. It also offers honest reviews along with instructional videos on various products including laptops, phones, routers, headphones, etc to help you make an informed purchase decision. The blog has diversified its coverage to other sectors like Finance, Health, Cars, and other areas of interest. You can subscribe for the quarterly print magazine or access information through the website.

5. Tech Consumer Guide

Tech Consumer Guide is an upcoming blog that’s making recognizable inroads in the world of tech by posting content regularly. Founded in 2019, the blog focuses primarily on topics related to gadgets and gizmos. You’ll find buyer guides for various products including smartphones, wearable tech, desktops, laptops, and PC components. Moreover, the blog lets you in on the latest deals when you subscribe to receive the notifications,or you can go straight to the website to check out the available deals or compare products. It also has a vast knowledge library to give you the relevant know-how on tech stuff.

6. All Things Secured

All Things Secured is a personal online security website that covers topics related to password strategies, home network security, virtual private networks, identity theft and privacy protection. Founded in 2016, the website features product and software reviews, security tutorials and online best practices. In addition to the written content, All Things Secured also publishes weekly videos on YouTube that walk step by step through various security tips so that even those non-tech users can easily understand.

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