Best Tech Gift Ideas for Him

By Ehtan S. Auston - Last Updated July 7, 2020

May it be a birthday or a graduation party, gifts somehow always bring a pair closer together. They have been accounted for as gestures of love since ancient times! 

Cherishing important moments is a blessing, especially if that event proximates around the one you love most! 

However, everything can go from normal to haywire in seconds when it comes to that time of the year when you have to pick out a catchy item for your favorite guy!

With so many options to choose from, it can become perplexing and stressful to come up with something meaningful for your loved one. Almost every other website or social media page out there offers a large plethora of options to choose from. Each one is more complicated than the other.

There are a hundred brands out there, each offering something new and different. But how do we know which one is the best buy?

Not to forget how the technological advancements have new products and upgrades unraveling by the minute! This world is fast-paced and technology isn’t taking a break!

To be honest, all of that just makes the process a whole lot complex. And not to underestimate the fear that comes with selecting the wrong product. 

This is why we are here to suggest the best tech gift items that will make your man, brother, or even your tech-geek dad go head over heels for you (and the present you bought, of course). We understand that many girls can face an array of difficulties when it comes to tech and specs; aren’t all things pink and glittery the best? We all wish the process was that simple!

Let’s just admit that almost all men have a knack for technology and the innovations that it comes with. Almost all their time is spent on discussing the year’s latest gaming console or whether or not that iPhone is worth the bucks!

Crazy, right? 

So we are here today with carefully brainstormed and shortlisted ideas that will surely live up to the expectations on your tech-savvy’s big day.

Trust us! You’ll thank us later!

1. Laptops

Let’s begin with this big guy here that almost every guy possesses, but with every year, a new upgraded version just makes them want to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

In case you don’t know, laptops are unsung heroes, especially for boys!

There’s a different type of laptop for every purpose. I know it may sound like we’re exaggerating it all but every laptop caters to a unique purpose. We will get to that in a bit.

Laptops are ever so convenient and versatile in nature.

Whether it’s that long-ass presentation your boss asked for or a virtual gaming night with the boys, a laptop will cater to all those needs.

It is to be considered though, how we mentioned a segregation link to purposes for different laptops.

Here’s what you need to consider when buying the perfect one for your significant other:


Most boys are usually loyal to what they’ve been using since day 1 (unless there’s a special mention he made of how he prefers Mac OS over Microsoft now). Keep an eye out for what specific brand or platform your main man is into. Also, check out on the brand he would prefer. Apple, Microsoft, HP, and Dell are one of the most renowned brands out there.


A gamer boy would usually go for big screens and kick-ass fast processors (we’ll get to that later). However, there’s always room for guys who like to keep their errands at the office straight by carrying a standard screen size. Some would even prefer one of those mini laptops that are easily portable for travel or work. So ladies, keep an eye out for that!


Try getting hands-on experience by trying out the laptop, just to check if it’s working fine. Thoroughly check the keypad and the mouse, if they’re not sensitive to the touch or tend to get jammed, then girl, you’ll have to address that horrid tantrum a guy is going to throw once he tries it out! It depends on the pricing too, the laptop under 50,000 would be better then a cheaper one.

The Core Of The Laptop:

By core, we mean the inner components. The big daddies!

Processor, graphics, RAM, and hard-drive.

This has got to be one of the most important aspects of selecting the perfect laptop for any guy out there. It is what gives the soul to the laptop. 

If your man or brother is into gaming, forget the rest and focus on the cerebral hemispheres of the laptop first! Everything should be top-notch!

Almost every brand has designed a gaming laptop. To name a few ASUS and Msi are widely appreciated.

It shan’t be negated that good laptops require a heavy investment. If you’re someone who’s looking for a gift under budget then feel free to scroll down below because there are a lot of other budget-friendly options to choose from.

If it’s their birthday next year, then we suggest you start saving up!

2. Tablets

The catch

Tablets. Think of them as mini laptops.

Just kidding! They are nothing like laptops, really.

They are true to their identity: portable, easy and diverse.

Tablets are great for those who like a bigger screen to surf on the web.

Most guys would just use their smartphones for almost anything, but then there is a category that prefers a larger screen for playing Geometry Dash or The Sims.

Not to forget Netflix and Youtube!

Tablets can also prove to be good business partners for giving quick but impressive one on one presentations or keeping a track of all those assignments and projects.

Tablets would prove to be a great gift item; because even if there is no relevant need of a tablet in the house, nobody would mind a screen size upgrade for daily usage!


  1. BRAND:

There are literally only a few brands out there that would offer a tablet worth buying.

 And of course, Apple’s iPads outlaw all the rest.

  1. SPECS:

Nobody would ever prefer a lagging laptop. 

What would make it more disastrous is poor screen resolution!

  1. BUDGET:

A general rule relevant to all tech items is that you really do get what you pay for.

However, with progressing advancements, Samsung and Lenovo are coming out with tablets that are budget friendly and give competition to Apple’s iPad.


There are tablets which would be used for surfing the web or watching videos.

And then there are ones which would be used for reading and writing.

Or even drawing.

The Amazon Fire would be a very cheap and affordable solution for the latter!

Which retails for just 50$!


You’d be surprised to know the progress of tablets over the years.

A large plethora of brands have surfaced atop, each owing to unique features.

One of the few commendable innovations would be that made by Google Pixel, which has so much to offer at a smart price.

But let’s not forget the Godfather.

Apple has created a benchmark when it comes to tablets.

If you are planning on purchasing a good tablet, might as well get an Apple iPad.

3. Smartwatches

Since when did watches go smart?

Today, smartwatches can do more than just telling time. 

With fast-paced technological advancements, we’ve entered an era where smartwatches can track your location, send you notifications from your social media platforms linked to your phone, come in handy as a fitness tracker and a whole lot of other things!

Which is probably why almost every other guy is raving about it.

But which one is the best?

There are a dozen brands out there like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Fossil, and more!

However, here are some tips to help you choose the right one:

  • If the user has an iPhone, it’s always best to go for an Apple watch (since an Apple watch will only be linked to an iPhone).
  • Check out the specs it is offering: fitness tracker, GPS, apps, OLED or LCD screen.
  • Some guys prefer a round dial and Apple watches only come in a square dial!
  • Keep an eye out for the battery life, nobody wants a watch that’s great on the outside, but succumbs to the low battery when needed the most!
  • Even though wrist bands are often replaceable, you might want to grab the one with a nice feel and excellent grip.
  • Samsung and Fitbit smartwatches are compatible with all phones!
  • The watches by LG, Huawei, and Fossil are powered by Google’s Wear OS and are readily compatible with android smartphones.

In the end, let’s just conclude this section by establishing the fact that the greater the features, the higher the price tag.

If you’re on a budget, you might want to lower your standards concerning specs.

There are still bomb-ass watches out there that can suit your budget; the ones offered by Samsung would make one example.

4. Headphones

Now here’s a little something we all use! 

But let’s not take these babies lightly. Headphones are no less than a blessing to all the gamers and audiophiles out there, who are in it for crisp and high definition sound quality.

A good pair of headphones can go a long way, not to forget the endless benefits they have to offer!

Avoiding people, jazzing out to your favorite tunes, crying your eyeballs out at songs by James Blunt, or simply embarking towards a killer workout session; headphones will prove to be your loyal partners.

It’s also a relief how the best headphones are much less costly than laptops, computers, television screens, or a gaming console.

Hence would prove to be an amazing gift!

However, picking out the right one is like finding a needle from a haystack.

Let’s not forget how there are a thousand options to choose from.

We’re here to simplify the process so that you can choose the right one.

Let’s broadly classify the categories of headphones out there: 

By Price

  •  expensive or cheap

By Brand

  •  Beats by Dre
  •  JBL
  •  Bose
  •  Bang & Olufsen
  •  Skull Candy
  •  Sony
  •  Samsung
  •  and a whole lot others!


  • In-ear
  • over-ear 
  • Earbud
  • On-ear


  • Noise cancellation
  • Wireless or Corded
  • Integration of a Microphone
  • Size
  • Comfort of wear
  • Sound quality: stereo/mono/HD
  • Ability to Pair with other devices
  • Ability to take action on voice command
  • Battery

It comes down to the requirements. The headphones for toddlers are going to be totally different then what a gamer would need.

This is just a general layout as a guide for you to select the earphone your big guy might get appealed to.

Honestly, there is much more to the technology of headphones that we haven’t mentioned that include the noise cancellation headphones for example. We decided not to get into the nitty gritty because this ain’t no lecture about quantum mechanics, right?

Here’s our suggestion to you; if there’s a certain brand you’re appealed to then try getting your hands on it.

But if you’re on a budget, then you’ll probably have to keep this classification as a checklist to accommodate maximum features in the lowest possible budget.

All in all, everyone out there would love a set of headphones that sound great and is wireless!

5. Water Bottles

Let’s not undermine that this buddy could prove to be a great gift if you’re on a budget. There are specifically manufactured water bottles for travel, biking, and what not.

Also, water bottles have over a gazillion designs and a multitude of varieties to choose from. We’re not suggesting you grab one from the dollar store or a thrift shop! There’s so much to find a good water bottle that could qualify as an excellent gift.

Athletes and fitness freaks love to treat themselves with a nice compact water bottle. Not to say how important is a temperature maintaining bike water bottle when you are on any type of cycling.

You won’t believe the advancements water bottles have made! Yes, that’s right, they too jumped into the bandwagon!

It’s always best to go for a water bottle that would appeal to you to drink more water.

Also, let’s not forget how it should be sturdy and portable for you to carry around during long hikes to the mountain or that early morning jog.

Tips On Selecting The Best Water Bottle


Nobody wants hot piping water gutting down their throat on a scorching day! It would go vice versa in the winters.

Environment Friendly & Safe

Make sure the water bottle is free from all those nasty BPA chemicals that can initiate harmful cycles once ingested!

Hydration Tracker

This is where technology comes in! There are bottles out there designed to keep a track of hydration according to your BMI! 

How cool!

Examples would include the ones from Prymme Vessy, Life Fuels, and Hidrate.

Camping & Adventure Friendly

For all those adventure-seeking scouts, some bottles are easily foldable/collapsible and those that prevent the entry of harmful pathogens while you’re out in the wilderness!

So you’re getting the best duo: compactness and hygiene.

Examples(by brand): Bubi, Nomader, Topnaca, Platypus, and more!

Robust & Strong

These would be the ones that involve the aggressive use of stainless steel to prevent any accidental breakage and harm. This would suit best for rough daily use.

6. Earbuds

While headphones are essential for gamers or stereo fanatics, earbuds belong to the category of exquisite and elegant people who like keeping their affairs straight and backpacks light!

Earbuds are a dream for constant travelers, jogging freaks, or just people who like to pack light wherever they go.

All you need to do is plug them in while you cycle along to the melodious beat and symphonies!

The best thing about earbuds is that they seamlessly blend into the background.

So let’s say you’re avoiding that rant-filled chatter at the office, just plug in these beauties and you’re good to go! 

 In case the guy is someone who’s always hitting the road and receives a massive amount of phone calls by the minute, then these earbuds would do him good! Answering calls while driving would become a breeze!

Another awesome benefit to earbuds is that you can purchase the best quality without going completely bankrupt!

A 200$ budget would get you one of those amazing Apple earbuds with loaded features.

Let’s not forget that there are loads of options to choose from!

The classification and brands for earbuds would be more or less similar to that of headphones, so just scroll up and have a look.

We would still recommend you consider this set of advice below before purchasing the right earphone:


Everyone has a different type of ear configuration, with most of the variation becoming prominent in the ear canal.

Make sure that the size correlates to the one your birthday guy has been using earlier. If a good seal isn’t formed, your earbuds are as good as a waste!


Nobody wants to end up losing their earbuds halfway between their favorite soundtrack. Investing in earbuds with good battery life is definitely worth the bucks.


Ease in controlling the way you want your earbuds is key to making it a great gift item.

Codecs & Noise Proofing

Let’s just keep it simple, a good codec means higher sound quality. The compatibility of the codec with a smartphone also should be taken into consideration.

Can we just admit that noise cancellation is super important if you enjoy your music soulful and tasty? Most silicone earbuds do offer noise cancellation.

7. Gaming Consoles

After mentioning gamers about a dozen times in this article, let’s just pay them a tribute by dedicating an entire section to their ultimate fantasy: gaming consoles!

There is a large plethora of games, gaming stations, and gaming consoles out there.

With the acceleration in technology, almost every other game has amazing features and graphics. The sort that would make any guy drooling over it.

May it be Fortnite, GTA 5, Call of Duty or God knows what else! A good gaming console can bring any game to life with its gob stopping smooth controls and high-quality functioning.

A gaming console would prove to be the perfect gift for him because they all like to indulge in a bit of action and adventure without having to get their asses off the couch.

A portal that allows anyone to become a virtual action figure, armed personnel on a mission to save the world, or an international football player! The world suddenly becomes your oyster!

What a treat!

Albeit the high price tag that it comes with, a gaming console is a pure delight for almost every other guy out there. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, a gaming console can relieve you of that extra stress and take you into another dimension of adventure and fun.

Gaming consoles often come in a set that includes controller/s. 

The competition between the best gaming consoles boils down to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo with PS5 and Xbox emerging as updated heroes.

A PS5 or an Xbox both serve as kick-ass gaming consoles sure to bring joy and action to your living room. However, you need to start saving up at least 500$ to get your hands on a gaming console itself, let alone a good one.

If it’s your baby brother you’re seeking a gift for, then consider your problems solved! A portable Nintendo is a great buy that comes with a good price deal. 

Retro gaming consoles include the Sega Genesis. They too can give you a good gaming experience without being too tight on the budget. Plus, a wave of nostalgia comes free with all of this.


A digital single-lens reflex camera. Phew! That is one long word, thank you Lord for the abbreviation!

We’re calling out on all nature lovers who crave to capture hidden beauties and exuberant colors at their best. It comes down to your requirement whether you’re looking for the best camera for blogging or one for product photoshoot or potrait. It really depends.

DSLR’s are probably the most diverse when it comes to price range. There are DSLR cameras for beginners and those for professionals.

An excellent choice for those who love capturing moments, recording the transitions of sunsets, and recreating photographs after touch-ups with photoshop.

Even for those who are successfully running social media blogs and require new high definition photos every day.

But how do you know that a DSLR is the gift you need to buy for him this year? 

Well, for one, you should be keen on picking up on hints and suggestions that he’s looking for one.

Any use of hinting keywords like ‘lens’, ‘Megapixel’ ‘Night Mode’ should be enough to perk your ears.

Here’s a quick buying guide for DSLR that includes the top factors to consider.


The budget plays a massive role when it comes to purchasing a DSLR. Let’s just get one fact straight: you actually do get more for the price you say.

I know many people say less is more, but in this case, more is more.

But let’s not forget that higher-end cameras are a necessity for professional photographers, so you could still make a good gift with what you have in your bank account (provided you’re not bankrupt).

Pre-Packaged Sets/Kits

This is a bundle that not only includes the DSLR but the extremely useful accessories that come along with it.

A few accessories to name would be:

  • SD cards
  • Camera bag/case
  • External Flash
  • Lens and Lens Hood
  • Batteries
  • Charger 
  • Remote control (if you go for the pricey and fancy pre-packaged kit)

While pre-packaged kits are more expensive, they usually come as gift bundles and deals at a discounted rate.


Perhaps the most debated and controversial topics to spark an argument.

There are loads of camera brands out there like:

  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Sony
  • Fujifilm
  • Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus
  • And more!

But the main battle is between the top three mentioned above. After meticulous research, here’s what we’ve concluded.


From endless reviews and inputs from professional photographers, Canon would stand as the number one brand. It is the oldest and most versatile brand for DSLRs.

Over the years, it has come up with amazing innovations and categories in cameras including DSLRs, mirrorless types, and compact ones too.

It also offers an endless variety of top-notch lenses.

With its remarkable EOS technology, it brings you a wide range of DSLRs, catering to beginners and professionals.

However, it might also be the most expensive brand out there with regard to camera bodies.


A very fair and competitive counterpart rival to Canon.

Nikon caters to a vast variety of DSLRs for beginners and pros. 

They build a few cameras for travelers which goes specific with their requirements.

Nikon is mostly known for its exquisite range of high-quality lenses and also qualifies as a high-end expensive brand.


Sony isn’t strictly a DSLR brand. It offers so much more than cameras.

So one does question its roots with respect to technological advancements when it comes to cameras.

Nevertheless, Sony has ranges which are most affordable and give an amazing performance. It is also known for its mirrorless cameras which is best for travel.

They are relatively affordable too!

All in all, with a hefty debate, it all boils down to prior experiences with cameras. Already owning a specific brand of camera and then switching over to a new one can be quite expensive, since many accessories, such as the lenses, are not interchangeable.

It comes down to your requirement. You may even need a trail camera if you’re traveling, or going on into an adventure and need to send pictures to your phone through cellular network.

If the dude does not own a camera yet, then feel free to choose any brand with respect to your budget.

However, if you know he already owns a specific brand, then you might want to invest in accessories rather than getting an entirely new DSLR (unless it comes in a pre-packaged set).

9. Camcorders

This is where our gift choosing hunt would go a wee bit narrow.

Whereas the above-mentioned gadgets are used from day to day life, a camcorder caters to a special category of men.

Regardless of the audience, we would still like to clarify the types of guys who would cherish a camcorder endlessly.

Firstly, Youtube stars! What more could an influencer need other than a superb camcorder that would give high definition video output?

Not to forget, camcorders are portable and perfect for daily vlogging activities.

Some guys’ profession involves the daily use of camcorders; wildlife bloggers (can’t help imagining Bear Grylls right now), spokespersons, news reporters, and many many more.

So we’d suggest you reserve this option for those whose need is relevant to it.

Now, what can camcorders do and what is it that makes them so special?

Camcorders or camera recorders are portable gadgets that can help you record videos and audio in high definition.

Your favorite movie was captured by a camcorder. So let’s not forget how it is a bare necessity for film-makers, film-students, and videographers.

After you’re done with recording your scene, you can easily transfer it to your computer with the help of an SD card.

Modern and more expensive ones can automatically be linked to your computer without any cords or cards.

Canon once again emerges as the provider of one of the best camcorders.

But the game in its entirety has been bagged by Sony and Panasonic, as they emerge as one of the oldest and trustable camcorder providers.

Other notable and extremely reputable brands include:

  • Panasonic
  • JVC
  • GoPro
  • Vivitar
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • And more

Camcorders are mostly for professional uses. It would be a rare sighting to come across a noob trying to get a hang of camcorders. They are complicated to handle!

Also, a good camcorder is really expensive.

Although it’d make a perfect gift for a man whose field is relevant to its use; especially the ones who’d crave a 4K-8K resolution in their videos.

Otherwise, you can simply opt for a DSLR, which can record videos in high definition.

10. Guitars

Almost all of us have had a heart-throb moment after listening to ‘Hey There Delilah’.

So to all the lucky Delilahs out there, who are associated with a guitarist cum singer, look no further!

Guitars are a musician’s tool. The tool which would give soul to their precious art. So let’s not underestimate the value of good guitars to all the devoted musicians out there.

It is very important to emphasize the importance of different types of musicians. 

You know, just like there are about over a hundred genres of music, musicians usually find themselves adherent towards a specific type of genre.

Of course, many of them are versatile too. But let’s just stick to our former ideology for now.

A country-style singer would require no more than a good acoustic guitar whereas a guy who’d like to boogie with rock & roll needs an electric guitar.

Similarly, there are guitarists dedicated to Jazz, Blues, Metal, and Shredders.

There are so many brands of guitars out there. Some of them have been so consistent with their quality that you might have seen famous singers and bands using them in their concerts or videos.

Below, we’re listing a few of the praise-worthy guitar brands that deserve your attention. We will also talk about the ones that not only deserve your attention but your bucks too.


A purely American guitar and audio-tech brand that has consistently hatched guitars that keep up with the highest quality standards.

Metallica used to use these in their videos and concerts.

Gibson guitars are expensive. They are the pioneers for guitar manufacturing for over a hundred years!

They have a variety of sub-brands such as the Gibson Super 400 or Gibson Les Paul, which offer almost all types of guitars, may it be electric, acoustic, or bass.


Seagull guitars are known for their uniquely contoured guitar shapes. They are also relatively affordable and give great sound output.

They specialize in acoustic guitars, mostly.


Another renowned brand. These guitars are crafted by maestros but sold at reasonable prices for you to try.

And their versatile range of guitars is commendable!


Yet another hyped brand which gives good competition to Gibson. They gained a lot of fame and popularity when people started seeing guitars by Fender in the hands of Jimi Hendrix.

  • Taylor
  • Martin
  • Guild
  • Ovation
  • Washburn
  • Epiphone
  • And many more!

There is a lot of debate as to how there is a different guitar brand dedicated to a unique category.

For beginners, Yamaha has taken leads. It’s also very affordable and has an amazing framework, qualitatively.

Experienced guitarists who have ventured into the field of professional music, demand the need of high-end brands like Gibson, Washburn, Fender, and Martin.

11. Flat Screen Televisions

Alas, we reach towards the last gift suggestion.

It won’t be unfair to say that this option is not the least!

We all watch TV. But guys just like to make use of their flat-screen televisions up to the next level.

Televisions are not just for Netflix and Chill, you know. Although, who doesn’t like an endless marathon of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or How I Met Your Mother?

Flat-screen televisions, especially the ones with large ass screens are a dream for (you guessed it right) gamer boys. They like to eye-ball every itsy bitsy detail, down to the last pixel.

Television screens are also great for a nice movie night. A medley of heavily buttered popcorns and coke is all it takes to make your night alive!

And of course, day to day news updates or binge-watching your favorite television shows make tv screens an essential part of our daily lives.

There are loads of brands that have surfaced as the most advanced television manufacturers. Their televisions come with loaded features that will make your television experience 10x more elevated than any other!

Before buying a television, do consider the following specs:

Screen size

The bigger the better (and pricier, unfortunately). 

However, smaller bedrooms and houses look better if fitted with moderately sized screens.


Try not to purchase a television that offers lesser than 4K resolution. This is the 21st century and nobody likes indistinct graphics or settling for a mere 1080p.


OLED integrated televisions give a much better experience than a regular LCD one. The latter, however, is more affordable.

LCD screens are brighter. You’d want to consider them for well-lit rooms.

HDR compatibility

Better quality with respect to graphics and sound.


Perhaps the most important consideration when purchasing a television.

Samsung has bagged the talent for producing enormous and beautiful television screens. Their latest televisions are geared with extraordinary features and highly appealing looks. They give you lots of features at a price range of 2000-3000$.

But let’s not forget pioneers of television manufacturers, who have mastered this technology way before their competitors. We’re talking about Sony and LG.

Sony and LG have consistently come up with amazing tv sets. They have now embarked upon the journey of releasing 8K resolution tv sets, that are worth every penny. With their marvelous OLED screens, they are sure to teleport you to a three-dimensional journey. The sound system will indulge you in an ultimate stereo fantasy.

However, there are very few videos released in 8K resolution, so you better skip on that for now.

Other affordable brands include Vizio, Hisense, and TCL, which can do the job without being a wallet snatcher. These brands still have many useful features to offer and can serve as the perfect gift for him.

The most expensive television sets, jam-packed with enthralling features have a price range of 20,000-30,000$! They are worth every penny though. A recent release by LG qualifies for this criterion.

But don’t worry, affordable tv sets are still trending. Moderate screen sizes can easily be purchased at or under $500. If you’d like a tv set of 65 inches or more, then you’d need at least 900$.

12. Computer Glasses

Computer glasses might not be ideal to gift but it’s definitely an unusual one. If you’re looking for a gift to a geek, may be a developer, a freelance designer or alike who work on a computer all day long.

Computer glasses can be not just surprising but a good healthy gift to someone you love and genuinely help them.

12. Music Production Courses

Music Production Courses are the ultimate tech gift for your guy because it will get him interested in music, and computer software. If you got him that guitar we listed above, then here is another way to develop his musical skills. What better way to nerd out than to start making beats? And, what’s sexier than being serenaded by your hubby?

Music production consists of many moving parts – computers, synthesizers, music theory, drum programming, sound design, and so much more! 

Don’t know what to look for? You can find music production programs based on a few parameters:


More expensive than free youtube video? less expensive than college tuition? Pricing can really range when it comes to production courses, so make sure to have the right frame for comparison. Many production schools are priced for college-level alternatives, so they won’t be cheap. That being said, there is plenty of range from $1000 – $30,000. Obviously putting your man through school may not be what you’re looking for, but how about a six-month weekend course to keep him busy?


Courses often range from hours of class to months of class, like a semester-based college education. It could be one, two, or more times a week for a few hours. Choose what’s right for him.

Topics Covered

Is the course niche – hip-hop or genre-based? – or is it comprehensive? Pay attention to the course descriptions.


Is it nearby, in the next largest city, or is it remote via online? 

If it sounds like a lot of info, it is, but you can start out small with bite-sized music production programs like this one from Beat Lab Academy in Los Angeles. You can even do it online! If your guy is ready for a larger commitment, he may be perfectly suited for their full International Certification Program which means you can take it from a few different time zones, anywhere in the world!”

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