@FakeGrimlock: Best Startup Advisor Ever?

By Ehtan S. Auston - Last Updated July 8, 2020

You ever wonder what it would be like to have @FakeGrimlock as an advisor to your startup?  This past April we were lucky enough to convince Mr. Dino-man himself  to join GiveForward in an advisory role.   Since that time we keep hearing two questions over and over:  Are you really getting advice from a robot dinosaur?  and  Does he always talk in robot voice?  The answer is Yes and Yes. Here’s his recent UI critique of our homepage:

Look for some of these robotically awesome changes to appear in our next product release.
Ethan is business graduate, who talks about gadgets, technology and startups. He's an exception track record in content creation and readers engagement and have been previously contributing to HBR, INC, Entrepreneur, and alike.
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