GiveForward Is Hiring An Art Director

By Ehtan S. Auston - Last Updated July 8, 2020


GiveForward is hiring an art director. (Bueno!)  And we’re giving away $1500 or free burritos for a year to anyone who refers us the person we hire (Super-Bueno!)   Please share this job description with the person who inspires you the most in the world.  That’s who we want on our team.

To apply yourself email ethan [at] GiveForward [dot] com.–

Dear Mr. or Ms. Potential Art Director: 

If you are reading this blog post, in all likelihood one of our good friends forwarded it to you, which means they think that on a scale of one to awesome you rank somewhere between bacon and sex. Hooray for you!  

In recognition of said awesomeness, I propose we kick off our burgeoning  Internet relationship with a celebratory Virtual High Five.  Great!! Now that we’ve got all the awkwardness of Internet salutations out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks. 

We (GiveForward) are putting together an all-star team of inspiringly smart and creative individuals hell-bent on changing the world.  As part of this team, we’re looking for a world-class art director.   

As the art director, your mission can be summed up in three words.  Create. Unexpected. Joy

Create Unexpected Joy is our mantra at GiveForward It is everything we believe in. It is the reason we exist as a company. It is the reason we rise out of bed each morning. It is the reason we feel fulfilled every night.

Put your mantra on the wall so you are forced to think about it every day.
We thrive on creating unexpected joy for people.  That and wolf clocks.

The problem is we do a pretty mediocre job at conveying this mantra to the millions of people that visit our site and come in contact with our brand every month.  Instead of seeing joy, people see this.  

Frankly, it’s uninspiring.  We know we can do better.  And that’s where you come in. 

We need a brilliant (yes, brilliant) art director to help us tell our story to the world through visual art. We are looking for someone who can make the concept of CREATE UNEXPECTED JOY come to life the instant people see it.  In short, we are looking for a visionary who can help us transform our brand from bland to breathtaking.  Is this you?

II.  The Nitty Gritty El Director de Art will be responsible for working with our creative director to establish and create all visual elements of the GiveForward brand. We need someone who has experience creating strong brand concepts from the ground up, and the technical chops both to do the design themselves, and/or oversee execution teams.  Specifically you will:

  • Work with the creative director to establish all visual elements of the encompassing GiveForward story, making sure every brand touchpoint clearly demonstrates who we are and what we believe
  • Work with our chief of product to set the design standard for all things Product starting with the homepage and moving down and across from there.
  • Create, maintain, apply and monitor the official brand styleguide
  • Design all marketing collateral for the moment (certainly visual, not necessarily coding): GiveForward website top-down | Create Unexpected Joy website top-down | impactful microsites, landing pages, or large-format advertisements |  informational brochures or PDFs | display ads for paid search | visual/industrial design for physical objects (booths, kiosks, etc) | app design
  • Eventually lead a design team of full-time staff, interns, and/or direct outside agency work


  • First and foremost, you share our core values.  These are muy importante!
  • You have the desire to build something meaningful that will last for decades
  • At your core, you consider yourself a great storyteller
  • You share in the belief that WEIRD = GOOD
  • You loathe mediocrity   

Bonus Points if:

  • You surprise us by showing up to your interview in a tuxedo or figure out how some other clever way to make us laugh.

What we need from you:

Send to ethan [at] GiveForward [dot] com 

  • Your current portfolio
  • 2 paragraphs about why you are the best person in the world for this job 
  • 1 paragraph about the last time you created unexpected joy for someone
  • A list of your 5 favorite things
  • Your resume (we look at resumes but place much more weight on cover letters)

III.  The Obligatory (Yet Hopefully Interest Piquing) “About Us” Section.

  • We’ve helped 25,000+ families raise more than $35,000,000 for life saving medical treatments
  • The book Hug Your Customers is our bible.  Seth Godin’s Linchpin is a close second. 
  • We have a Net Promoter Score of 83. Our users think we are pretty awesome
  • We love team members who are compassionate, authentic, self-starters that can laugh at themselves and occasionally tell a good joke.
  • We feel like we are the the luckiest people on earth because we get paid to do a job we would totally do for free.
  • If you can’t tell by now, we’re a bit weird.  We hope you are too. 

IV. The Goodbye 

Okay, so granted there is a fair amount of goofiness in this job description.  Clearly, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  That said, we do want to stress that we take our work very seriously, and we can promise you that we are on the verge of something very, very big here. With the right team on board, GiveForward is going to take off very soon and it’s going to be a magical journey that will change millions of lives for people all around the world.  But don’t take our word for it.  In the last year over 80 publications like the NY Times, Fast Company and CNN wrote about us and we won just about every fancy schmancy industry award possible including the Moxie Award for best consumer startup in Chicago, The Chicago Innovation Award for Best Newcomer Startup, the Empact 100 Award for the top 100 startups in the nation, the INC 30 under 30 Award, and we even won the Edison Gold Award for Best Social Innovation in the country (other Edison winners included Apple, IBM, Seth Godin, TED, and SpaceX).  

If there is one thing we are sure about, it’s that exciting times lie ahead.  We hope you’ll be part of the journey.


The GiveForward Team

PS – here is a super-fantastic bonus link

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