I’m Donating $2500 to Fight Climate Change and I Will Pay You to Join Me

By Ehtan S. Auston - Last Updated July 7, 2020
Climate March NYC
400,000 people march on Sept 21, 2014 to force action on climate change

Yesterday, 400,000 people marched in New York City to demand U.N. action on Climate Change. According to Time Magazine:

“The showing was the largest climate protest in history and largest social demonstration of the past decade.”

All I can say is WOW!!  If this wasn’t THE wake up call, I’m not sure we are ever going to wake up.In the spirit of yesterday’s Climate March, I’m pledging to donate up to $2500 to Climate Cycle, a K-12 climate change education non-profit based in Chicago.

If you’re wondering what you can do to help, here’s what you can do right now.


Tell the fossil fuel industry that you’re breaking up with them, and then drop them like a bad habit.   In fact, I’ll even give you $30 to do it.

It’s actually a lot easier than you think.

A few months back, I came across an incredible startup called Arcadia Power that gives people the opportunity to switch their electric bills from dirty fossil fuels to 100% clean renewables with just a few clicks.  It’s like Geico.  Except 15 minutes doesn’t save you 15%.  It saves Miami.

I was so inspired by what they are doing, I decided to become an advisor (disclosure, I have a tiny amount of equity in the company) and shortly thereafter I made the switch to 100% clean energy myself.  In the first month alone, I planted the equivalent of seven trees and prevented twenty-eight gallons of gasoline from going into our atmosphere.  Awesome, right?

I’m sharing this with you all today because knowledge = power.  Like the cab companies fighting Uber right now, the energy companies have had monopolies in this space for a very long time.

They’d like you to believe they’re still the only show in town.  While that used to be true a few years ago, it’s not true anymore.

You have a choice. If you want to make the switch to clean energy, use the promo code below and you’ll get $30 off your first Arcadia Power electric bill.

For every person that signs up in the next 30 days using the promo code, I will make a matching $30 donation to Climate Cycle, up to $2500.

Win-Win 🙂

Here’s the code.  Please feel free to share it with friends.  And thanks for being part of the solution.


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