Save a Tree: Send a Video Thank You Note

By Ehtan S. Auston - Last Updated July 7, 2020

I recently heard of the concept of video resumes on Fred Wilson’s blog where he wrote about a Dreamit Venture company called Take the Interview.

I like this idea for startup job seekers. The candidate who takes the time to put together a video resume can be infinitely more expressive than the candidate who sends an archaic, sterile, devoid-of-any-signs-of-life paper resume.  (hint: startups are looking to hire creative, passionate, self-starters.  These traits are much easier to convey with a short heart-felt video than with a paper resume.)

Here’s a good example.  My good friend Elissa Pociask (check out her Kickstarter page) used to be the executive assistant to Facebook/Spotify/Napster dude Sean Parker.  This is not an easy job to get. How’d she get it?  Simple.  She sent him a video resume. He loved it. End of story.

So I think video resumes can be a good idea.  But why leave it at just resumes?  Why not video everything? How about video thank you notes?  I’ve written in the past on why  it’s a good idea to send paper thank you notes rather than just emails.  I am going to take this idea a step further and say, if you really want to impress someone, screw the paper stuff.  Save some trees, and  send them a video thank you note instead.

I received this video a few weeks ago from college students in San Jose where I gave a presentation on entrepreneurship.  The video makes me smile every time I watch it, and after I received it there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if the organization asked me to speak again, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Moral of the story: video thank you notes are awesome.  

Every time you send one, you will create a little bit of unexpected joy in the recipient’s life. Try creating one yourself.  It doesn’t need to be fancy.  You can record the video on your iPhone and email it out in under 1 minute.

First person to create one and respond in the comments with your results gets a Chipotle gift card from yours truly.  Ready, set, record!

Ethan is business graduate, who talks about gadgets, technology and startups. He's an exception track record in content creation and readers engagement and have been previously contributing to HBR, INC, Entrepreneur, and alike.
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